Organizing Institutions

Guided by:
Chengdu Municipal Government
Health Commission of Sichuan Province

Specially supported by:
West China Medical Center, Sichuan University
Chinese Non-Government Medical Institutions Association

Supported by:
Sichuan Tianfu New Area Management Committee
Chengdu Economic and Information Technology Bureau
Health Commission of Chengdu Municipality
Chengdu Exposition Bureau

Informa Markets

Informa Markets (Chengdu) Co., Ltd
Informa Wiener Exhibitions (Chengdu) Co. Ltd.
Tianfu Exposition, Chengdu / China
Chengdu Medical Cosmetology Industry Association
West China Medical Center, Sichuan University

Founded in 1910, West China Medical Center, Sichuan University it is the earliest comprehensive medical university in China and one of the cradles of modern higher medical education in China.Over the past hundred years, West China Medical center has always been committed to human care and social progress, integrating the Chinese and the Western, learning from each other, spreading scientific civilization and practicing care services. It has four affiliated hospitals: West China Hospital, West China Stomatological Hospital, West China Second Hospital, West China Fourth Hospital, and West China College of Basic Medicine and Forensic Medicine, West China Clinical Medical College (West China Nursing College), West China College of Stomatology, West China School of Public Health, and West China University of Pharmacy. The affiliated hospitals of the university is among the best in China and even in the world.


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